July 2018

Counter Culture Part 2 – The Gospel and Culture

Even though the Gospel is the greatest news ever told, it is offensive to most of our culture.  How can such good news be offensive?  We examine this in Part 2 of our series on Counter Culture.

Counter Culture Part 1 – God and the Bible

The Biblical definition of God, as well as the Bible itself, are offensive to the majority of people in our culture today.  In this sermon, we will explore the absolute authority of God and the absolute truth of the Bible.

June 2018

Colossians Chapter 1

February 2018

Prioritizing God’s Word

Fruit of the Spirit – Self Control

January 2018

The Grace Exchange

Because of God’s amazing grace, we are afforded the opportunity to bring everything that is broken in our lives and exchange it for something beautiful.  

December 2017

Prince of Peace

The Lord wants to be Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace in our lives.

October 2017

Armor of God

We are in the midst of an intense warfare that holds eternal significance, and we cannot defeat the enemy alone.  But thanks be to God, He has given us all the armor we need to be victorious! 

Introduction to Fruit of the Spirit Series

This lesson introduces our series on the Fruit of the Spirit.  We pray you are blessed in knowing God wants to produce fruit in your 


God wants to do greater things in your life and in this world, that the Father may be glorified in you.

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