While we are doing our best to adopt all the values expressed in the Word of God, we have included a few of these values below as an introduction to the principles that guide us. 
We value the Biblical family unit.  There has been a relentless attack on the structure God ordained for the family in His word, and we are doing everything in our power to establish, strengthen, and support those who want to obey God’s design.  At the same time, we want to assist in seeing those who come from broken/dysfunctional homes find restoration and, if possible, reconciliation.  The strength of the church is directly related to the strength of the families in the church.
We value spiritual growth.  We are endeavoring to provide a community environment where loving accountability and support produces spiritual maturity. While sin will not be condoned or excused, we understand that sin is a part of this life.  We have all sinned and continue to sin, but we must help each other to further separate ourselves from sin through repentance and drawing closer to God.  No member of Living Waters Fellowship, from the pastor to the newest convert, is ever above the need to daily pursue greater maturity in Christ.  The foundation for spiritual growth is daily time in prayer and Bible study.
We value ethnic diversity.  The Lord created all people and loves them equally.  He is calling people from every nation, kindred and tongue.  There is no such thing as superior race in the Kingdom of God.  Speaking of the Azusa Street revival in 1906, Frank Bartleman declared, “The color line was washed away in the blood.”  We whole-heartedly desire this to be the case at Living Waters Fellowship.
We value passionate worship.  Have you ever been to an NFL, NBA, or MLS game?  Have you ever seen game shows like The Price Is Right? Have you ever seen someone win a large sum of money? Have you ever been to a large music concert?  Common themes in all of these events are passion, excitement, and exuberance.  We believe church should be no different.  We understand there are times for reverence, repentance, and quiet contemplation, but that is not to be all the time.  We have a God that is more worthy of passionate praise than any athlete, musician, or performer; and we have an experience and eternal destiny that are far more exciting than winning a grand prize or large sum of money.  One last thing to consider, worship is more than what happens at church, it is a lifestyle.  We should live passionately for Christ every day, in every context of life.
We Value each other.  We count it a great blessing and honor to serve God together.  Every person who is a part of the Living Waters Fellowship family is equally important and loved.  It doesn’t matter what position we have in the kingdom of God, local church, or otherwise – we are all equally important and valuable.  All of the gifts and parts of the body are necessary for success of the whole.