Murray Hills Christian Church


Church Location & Address:

We are currently meeting at Murray Hills Christian Church:
15050 SW Weir Road/ Beaverton, OR 97007

Telephone: (503) 481-4653





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  1. admin says:

    Hello Bill,

    The classes are open to anyone who wants to participate.

    To register, visit this link:

    Please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.


    Pastor Dallas

  2. Byron Lozynski says:

    I have joined the financial peace university. I have thought it would be awesome to join because I really needed it

  3. Tony Carter says:

    well done sir, very well done. something to ponder in the upcoming week; a verse comes to mind that say’s “not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit say’s the Lord”.

    Really? Seriously? can you think of anything mightier, or more powerful then the spirit of the Lord? that, I think, is certainly one for Ripley. God bless you all.

    Tony Carter

  4. Tony Carter says:

    brother Dallas, you never cease to amaze me. you bring out the word in a simple, yet complete form that just makes nothing but sense. In all honesty, God alone knows what we will choose, and what way we will go, but He does give us all the choice through his Grace and Mercy. keep preaching the word and sowing the seed, even though brother Maurice may be a DS, he’s still a pretty good guy. may God’s blessing come upon you all, until the day we all meet in heaven. Amen.


  5. Tony Carter says:

    Thank God we are all made new in Christ. What a great day it will be when we can throw away the mortal for immortality and the corruptible for incorruptibility. The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End; how I pray His return is soon. That day when we can when we can finally go Home; what a blessed day that will be. Praying for Gods blessing on you all.


  6. Alan Kidd says:

    God put your podcast in my path and I just want to say thank you! Deception is so thick all around us. False doctrines and whitewashed worship have made me very sad. I just got done listening to your armour of God sermon and I know when I’m hearing truth. Thank you. May God bless your church and strengthen you in truth and love. You are a light!

    • admin says:


      We are so glad to hear the message encouraged you. Your feedback is an encouragement to us! We would love to be a help to you in any way that we can. God bless!

      Pastor Dallas

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